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How to

Transfer money is accessible under the Transfers menu in Heritage Online.

This will allow you to electronically transfer money from one of your account to another account. This could be:

  • To another Heritage account
  • To an account at another Australian financial institution (an inter-bank transfer). 
  • To an account overseas (an international transfer). Learn more about sending money overseas.
Transfer money to a loan or credit card

You can set up scheduled transfers to a Heritage credit product that will automatically calculate your repayment amount. 

Follow the transfer money process above but leave the amount section blank and select the option to perform transfer later.

The Optional Payment Instruction section will appear which will allow you to select the repayment option (see below) and frequency you want.

Once you've selected your Optional Payment Instruction, click 'next' and complete your transfer as normal. 

Optional Payment Instruction

For Credit Card or Line of Credit accounts: 

You have the option to choose one of the following repayment types, if funds are available in your account: 

MinPay – the minimum repayment amount on your statement due date

DuePay – the amount due on your statement, payable on the due date

BalPay - the complete outstanding amount on your credit card on a given day during the month

For a Personal Loan or Home Loan: 

You can set to 'pay the current repayment amount, on the date you choose'. 

This will divide your required monthly payment by the frequency of repayments you have selected. 

For example, if your monthly repayment is $2000 and you have selected the ‘Weekly’ payment option, your payment per week will be set to $500; the monthly amount divided by four. 


  • If your monthly repayment amount changes, then the weekly amount will also change in the next payment cycle.
  • This calculation will not take into account the number of payments that will be taken before your first automatic repayment, so please ensure you will have made sufficient payments to cover the amount of your first repayment.
  • If you require assistance calculating whether there will be enough weekly or fortnightly payments in your account prior to your monthly repayment due date, please contact us
  • If you have an Interest Only loan type, please contact us for assistance with setting up your repayment. 

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