When you apply for credit, your lender may seek your permission to check your credit report. But what is a credit report and how is it used? 

It can be hard to keep up with regular payments like rent, electricity and phone bills or unexpected fines. 

From building savings to rewards programs, here are the 6 main benefits of using a credit card.
How to avoid paying credit card interest and late fees
Understand how to avoid any extra fees and interest charges so you can make the most of your card.
Here's a list of the most common banking jargon terms people don't understand, explained in plain English.
Understanding credit in retirement
Let us help you understand credit in retirement with our help guide.
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More credit articles

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How do car loans work?
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Learn more about Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), how it’s calculated and what effect it can have on your mortgage.
Know what's in your credit report
Comprehensive Credit Reporting has arrived in Australia. Learn more about what this means for you and how you can get a free credit check.

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