Open Term Deposit

Heritage Online Help Centre

Accessible under the Accounts menu.

This function allows you to open a standard term deposit online. Term deposits opened online will be opened at the standard rate for that term, with interest to be paid at maturity for terms less than or equal to 12 months, or annually for terms greater than 12 months.

To open a term deposit, first select the investment period you would like. You may wish to view the current rates (linked to on the term deposit opening page) to help you decide.

Then, select the account from which you would like to make the deposit, and enter the investment amount of the deposit. Please be aware that the amount invested may affect the interest rate that you will receive.

Finally, select what you would like done with your principal when the term matures, and what you would like us to do with your interest. Please note that in order for interest to be reinvested, the principal must also be reinvested to ensure that a minimum term deposit balance is maintained. Also, interest cannot be reinvested for terms greater than 12 months in duration.