How to change an internet banking password

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If you know your current password and would like to change it, you can do so in Heritage Online on your desktop computer or mobile browser.

Step 1: Log into Heritage Online and go to the Settings menu to change your selected passwords at any time. 

Choose from the following options in the menu to change a specific password:

  • Change Login Password
  • Change Pay Anyone Password - if you use a Pay Anyone Password
  • Change Authorisation Password - if you use an Authorisation Password

Step 2: Enter your current password

Step 3: Enter your new password

Step 4:  Retype your new password to confirm and click 'Submit'. A message will appear on the screen confirming that your new password has been accepted. Your change is effective immediately.

Note: You should change your login, pay anyone and authorisation passwords immediately if you suspect that anyone else may know it. Read our tips on keeping your password and pin secure.

Password criteria

When you select your internet banking password/s, you can select passwords using the full keyboard character set, including upper and lower case characters, as well as special characters.

For security and convenience, make sure your new password:

  • Meets the security requirements as specified by Heritage;
  • Is something only you know;
  • Does not include birth dates or common sequential numbers; and
  • Extremely difficult for others to guess.

When you set a new password, it will need to be:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least one UPPER case character
  • At least one lower case character
  • At least one number
Note: You should change your passwords immediately if you suspect that anyone else may know it. Read our tips on keeping your password and pin secure.
How to reset a forgotten password

If you've forgotten your password we'll need to issue you with a new one. Contact us 24/7 on 13 14 22.

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Set up SMS Security
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