We have calculators to help you with all your banking needs, including working out how much you can borrow for your home loan, estimating your car loan repayments and planning your budget.

Home Loan Calculators
Buying a home or refinancing?
Home Loan Borrowing Power Calculator
Calculate an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow for a home loan. Simply enter your income, expense and loan details.
Refinance Calculator
Use our Refinance Calculator to find out how much you could save by refinancing your home loan.
Calculate your home loan repayments
Our home loan repayments calculator helps you estimate the true cost of your mortgage, including stamp duty, rates, insurance, maintenance, and more. 
Buying a new car or going on a holiday?
Car Loan Repayment Calculator
Use our car loan calculator to estimate the true cost of owning a car. It takes into account stamp duty, insurance, maintenance and more.
Couple at beach with dog and new car
Personal loan borrowing power calculator
If you're wondering, 'how much can I borrow for a personal loan or car loan?' our Personal Loan Borrowing Power Calculator can help you.
Personal Loan Repayment Calculator

Our personal loan calculator helps you estimate your personal loan repayments, whether it be for a holiday, wedding, debt consolidation or renovations.

Savings & Planning Calculators
Save more and plan your budget
Savings calculator
Have a play with our savings calculator to see the difference saving even an extra $10 a week could make to your savings balance.
Online budget planner
Need help working out a budget? Try our Budget Planner. Enter your annual income and expenses to assess your financial position.
Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator
Find out how much money you can save on your credit account with our Balance Transfer Calculator.
Term Deposit Calculator
Project your potential interest earnings from a term deposit.
Income Tax Calculator
This calculator helps your work out how much income tax you will need to pay.
Calculate insurance costs
Value my home
Project an estimate of the full replacement value of your home building.
Value my contents
Project an estimate of the full replacement value of your home contents.
Get a home insurance quote
Get a quick quote on Home and Contents Insurance.
Get a car insurance quote
Get a quick quote on Comprehensive Motor Insurance.