Baby budget planner

Planning for a baby is never an easy task. Help ease the financial stress with our handy budget planner.

Mum and dad with new baby

There are lots of costs that come with having your first baby. From essentials such as healthcare and clothing, to extras such as decorations and furniture, it’s important to consider all preparation and ongoing costs associated with your first baby. Once your baby arrives the last thing you are going to want to worry about is finances. We’ve come up with some great tools to help you get the conversation started about your financial situation.

The Baby Budget Planner can be used to help you to think about your finances in the lead up to having the baby, while you are home with the baby and after you or your partner goes back to work.

Organise a time to sit with your partner/ family and get a conversation started about where you’re at currently, where you will be with baby and where you want to be eventually. You may not have all the information at your fingertips, but it will be a great exercise to get started and create a list of things you need to find out!

Baby Budget Planner

Download your very own Baby Budget here

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