The Mulberry Project

We're lending a helping hand to transform lives and land from scarcity to abundance through our partnership with The Mulberry Project. Through this support, we're providing a helping hand to the migrant and refugee community.


Founded by Louise Noble in 2016, The Mulberry Project is an innovative social enterprise that began on a 500m2 plot in the Toowoomba region in South-West Queensland. They’re aim is to address two issues; underutilized farmland and unemployment in our migrant and refugee community. 

Unused farmland is transformed into niche market gardens where produce is grown and harvested. Through the program, the market gardens are tended to by members of the migrant and refugee community, creating an environment for social inclusion. The program also facilitates pathways for participates through training, employment and well-being with the growing and preparing of food.

How are we helping?

As a major sponsor of this wonderful program, we are providing a helping hand to The Mulberry Project to continue to transform lives and land from scarcity to abundance.

Our sponsorship enables the Mulberry Project to appoint a part-time volunteer coordinator who liaises with three target groups – refugees/migrants, Indigenous youngsters, and schoolchildren – to participate in the program. 

Our support has also been felt with The Mulberry Projects signature fund-raising event, ‘The Heritage Bank Mulberry Project Long Lunch’ in 2022..

“Toowoomba has a global reputation as a community which cares, particularly for refugees and migrants. The Mulberry Project is a very practical way for new migrants and refugees to gain skills and self-esteem, and to contribute in a very positive way to the local community."

Peter Lock, CEO Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank Mulberry Project Long Lunch

In March 2022, The Heritage Bank Mulberry Project Long Lunch was held at the Toowoomba Royal Show. The Mulberry Project created delicious dishes using produce grown, prepared and served by participates in the program to an exclusive guest list of attendees. Visit the Mulberry Project Facebook page for photos from the event.

The Mulberry Project
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