Move to More

We're supporting regional growth as a founding member of the Regional Activators Alliance.

Move to More

Did you know that approximately 37% of Australia's population lives in regional Australia? 

Regional Australia offers residents a life filled with time, space, career opportunities and meaningful community connections.

Our Involvement

Heritage Bank has a rich history of supporting regional Australia that can be traced back to 1875 when the Toowoomba Permanent Building Society was established. Since then, we've grown to become one of Australia’s largest customer-owned banks and one of the longest-running financial institutions in the country.

While we've grown, our regional roots have remained steady. Our Head Office is located in Toowoomba and we have many regional branch locations throughout Queensland, from the Darling Downs to Bundaberg and Stanthorpe. That's why we've joined the Regional Activators Alliance as a founding member.

The alliance through the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is made up of over 40 organisations from around the country who have come together to create and promote the Move to More campaign.

The ‘Move to More’ campaign has been developed to make those living in capital cities around the country more aware of the possibilities that come with a life in a regional town or city. The campaign celebrates life in regional Australia, and in doing so, encourages people to seriously consider making the move.

Learn about Move to More
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Regional Movers Index
The Regional Movers Index is updated quarterly with updated statistics on how people have been moving from Australia’s capital cities to regions, rather than in the opposite direction.
Regional Jobs Update
To help shift the narrative and tell the true story around Regional Australia, the RAI releases monthly regional jobs updates.